throwback thursday: hogsmeade

one of the things i miss about living back home is the easy access to orlando and all of the theme parks. in college we would sometimes take a day trip down whenever we got sick of our regular scene in gainesville, and it's an easy drive over from tampa. in honor of throwback thursday  here's a couple pics from our 2012 trip to hogsmeade (harry potter world)!

back in 2012, the agency i worked for used to host a bunch of fun activities/contests in the weeks leading up to halloween. the whole agency was BIG TIME into halloween, (see some photos from this year's antics here.)  the prize for a halloween treat contest back in the day was a pair of tickets to universal studios' islands of adventure, which i won, prompting us to take a little day trip over to orlando.

like everyone else who arrived at the park we really only cared about one attraction: harry potter world. we spent the day wandering around hogsmeade soaking it all in, and just generally people watching. we seriously felt for the poor parents who were sucked into buying the whole "harry potter experience" package where you kid gets sorted, a robe matching their house, and such for what i'm sure is an ungodly amount of money. especially painful for those with multiple children!

we had a surprisingly tasty lunch at the hog's head pub (which i think now is called the three broomsticks), and my favorite part of the day was sampling butterbeer from the freestanding carts. the carts had a couple options for novelty drinks including pumpkin juice, and butterbeer available in two varieties: regular (a soda-type drink) and frozen (a slurpee type deal.) both were served cold, and we opted for the regular. it was super sweet (to my liking) but non alcoholic (to j's disappointment), definitely some kind of root beer/cream soda mixture. all in all we had a great day, enjoying the departure from our usual weekend routine.

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