a festive succulent garden

last summer i found some mini cacti and succulents at home depot. when they outgrew the plastic pots they came in, i repotted with a combination of teracotta pots and leftover jars/cans from salsa, enchilada sauce, beans and canned tomatoes. not only is it an inexpensive way to display the succulents (which i find grow WAY faster than the internet would have me believe...) but they make a super cute festive cinco de mayo centerpiece. 

(i have since moved onto slightly more modern pots.)

| ingredients |

cactus soil
a selection of cacti and succulents (i found mine at home depot)
a collection of jars/southwestern pots/cans

| method |

to repot the cacti, determine which plant will go in which pot and fill accordingly with soil. (take into account the amount of soil currently in the small plastic pots your cacti came in.) 

gently wrap each plant with a couple pages from a newspaper or magazine  (to protect you from the spines!), and carefully lift your cactus out of their old pots, and into the new cans/jars and pots. fill around the cactus the rest of the way with soil, and water. 

made to border