freebirds world burrito

freebirds world burrito has been our go-to casual mexican place here in the rio grande valley. in philosophy it mimick's subway or moe's where you go down the line with your burrito/burrito bowl/salad/nachos/taco/quesadilla and request your toppings. they offer your choice of wheat, flour, spinach or cayenne tortilla with either steak, carnitas, ground beef, grilled chicken, or spicy dark meat chicken. (they also have vegetarian options!) each item can also be made into a meal with your choice of chips and queso/guac/salsa or a brownie or a cookie and a drink. 

in decor and attitude freebirds is strongly reminiscent of tijuana flats, maybe a touch more "rock and roll" and a tad less of the "tripping on acid" vibe. still, it's pretty fun.

and believe it or not, i actually prefer the flavor/style of freebirds to chipotle, which is opening soon just down the road. if you're in the mission area be sure to check it out!