spotlight on: house. wine + bistro.

house wine & bistro is one of our favorite date night places in rgv. it's a little more casual than big sister restaurant salt, but still a more unique and fun choice than the chain restaurants in our regular rotation. they have an expansive wine list, (note, that's expAnsive with an a, not expEnsive with an e...) my favorites being the glasses of elena sweet (red or white!) the sangria, and the strawberry bellini. i like my wine to taste like kool aide so my choices err on the very sweet side! they also have live music some evenings, and the atmosphere is always nice yet calm. perfect for laid back evenings, girls nights out, and happy hours.

much like salt, the service and food at house wine is always spot on. we recommend the meat and cheese platter, pommes frites or baked brie as starters, and the carbonara pasta and butternut squash risotto entrees. i can't seem to get past that pasta, so thankfully j was nice enough to lend me a few bites of his risotto so i could try it out! house wine is one of those restaurants, no matter what you order, you won't leave disappointed. 

you can check their menu out on their website.

the strawberry bellini, served with a sugar rim.

butternut squash risotto, with chicken.

whoever selects their live musicians is a john mayer fan. they seem to be doing covers each time we've eaten at house wine.

carbonara pasta with chicken.