4th of july: south texas style

this year we celebrated our country's independence with lots of awesome food, friends, fun and the biggest st. bernard you've ever seen!

we're so grateful for the people in rgv who make the border feel like home, and who hosted this amazing holiday, it completely rocked! the hubs had to work, so we squeezed in a quick lunch with bbq chicken before heading out to another bbq.

a few things we learned from 4th of july 2015:

  • cornhole, much like bowling, requires the perfect amount of skill juice (aka margaritas,  wine and beer.) not too much, not too little.
  • if kiddos don't know there is a massive st. bernard lurking behind a closed door, opening it is a sandlot "the beast" style experience. mayhem ensues.
  • oreos taste better after they've been dropped on the ground. (and getting to them before the dogs do is the new five second rule!)
  • anyone who went back inside to "go to the bathroom" was actually sneaking more food. it was that good.
  • you can't eat just one slice of coconut cake. or one red velvet cupcake.
  • a backyard full of fireworks, bbq smell and lightning bugs is just about the summeriest thing ever.
  • it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out the name of new york's basketball team. (that would be the knicks...my years of reading celebrity gossip magazines have clearly failed me.)
  • the aforementioned skill juice can inhibit your ability to play catchphrase if you overshoot a little bit. 

hope everyone had an equally magical 4th of july!

aaand a special shout out: a very happy birthday to my little brother today!