not your father's beer float

it's my dad's bday! if ever there were two foods more "him" than beer and ice cream, i can't think of them. which is why i'm sharing this boozy dessert in honor of his birthday: a real root beer interspersed with scoops of haagen-dazs chocolate, vanilla, and chocolate caramelized oat ice creams. sorry it's not your standard chocolate birthday cake.

this recipe incorporates "not your father's root beer", which has been one of my favorite new discoveries this fall. for people who aren't big fans of beer (me!), this tastes like traditional root beer with just an ever so slight hint of ale. it works perfectly in this float as the beer tempers the overall sweetness just a tad. (it would also work beautifully in the chilled butterbeer used place of the ginger beer!) this time around we chose to serve them up in our moscow mule mugs, as we sent a couple his way as a gift this week. 

happy birthday dad and cheers!

| ingredients |

ice cream (feel free to switch it up to include your favorite flavors)
not your father's root beer (if you can't get your hands on the root beer, i recommend subbing a chocolate stout!)

| method |

place a couple scoops of ice cream into your chilled glass. fill with selected beer and enjoy!