labor day weekend 2015

this side of 10 years ago i was a freshman at the university of florida, gearing up for my first-ever season of college football (go gators!) little did i know what these next 10 years would hold; in terms of adventure, success, failure, happiness, lessons learned, unexpected twists, and a whole lot of ridiculously hard work. the onset of each autumn brings those same feelings of excitement, anticipation, and hope, and signals a new start. a swan dive into a season of bigger and better things, just as it was back in 2005. 

so here we are, 10 years post toll, happy to be celebrating the fruits of our labor together by kicking back with a fun friday evening date night at infusions, a little faux-tailgating of our own for the gator's first game of the 2015 season (thanks for a big W, boys!), a new orange mani, a quick pre-work bbq featuring a batch of slow smoked ribs (recipe to follow!), and plenty of pumpkin spice lattes, and oktoberfest brews to go around. below are a couple peeks and what our weekend looked like.

cheers, and happy labor day weekend, everyone! 

we started off with a classic martini (him) and apple pie fizz cocktail (me), which is topped with an egg white! we also couldn't help but take another run at the pulled pork tacos and duck confit fried potato small plates (to share!)

what's a gator game without a little orange and blue, and some buffalo too?

i don't like it, i love it. 

so long "summer" (although i have a feeling you'll stick around the valley for a little bit longer!)