food truck friday: the mighty truck

when i don't have the opportunity to get my fix of food trucks back in tampa, i'm happy to turn to the local options available in rgv. i've been meaning to get back to the mighty truck since my original trip to the mcallen food park, and was finally able to do so for this week's food truck friday!

the mighty truck embraces the austin concept of incorporating a home base location into what is a traditionally mobile business. it's a midway point between a traditional food truck, and a true brick-and-mortar restaurant. 

the mighty truck parks itself at the mighty house on 10th street, just up the road from shipley's donuts. the advantage to the mighty house is that it provides some amenities not typically associated with food trucks; namely air conditioning and seating, which makes this a truck that can be enjoyed year round, in all kinds of weather.

the setup isn't the only thing mighty about this truck; the portion size and menu offerings are also pretty epic. i tried out the "amazing chicken sandwich", which consisted of chicken tenders on texas toast slathered in pistachio pesto, honey habanero and cole slaw. this item is a perfect example of the uniqueness of the mighty truck's options. the mighty house offers a different experience than any other casual dining i've had the chance to try thus far in the valley. while they do offer some healthier options in the form of salads, a falafel and caprese panini, this is a destination known for their burgers and worthy of your cheat-day meal.

the mighty house serves lunch and dinner in two shifts, 7 days a week by being open 11:30a-3:00p and 6:30p-10p monday through thursday, and until 11p on fridays and saturdays. their menu can be found here. 

you can also obtain more information on where the truck will be when they are moving around town, and see some awesome customer photos by following their twitter account!