hearth and hand

when we were packing up to move to washington, we took the opportunity to do a good amount of purging of our belongings, then put the majority of our remaining stuff into a pod-type storage box. we figured we would get settled, search for a home to purchase, and if we found one we could store our stuff in the box until we moved in, (which would avoid us having to move our things twice) and if we didn't we could unload the box into our rental whenever we were ready.  we packed up our bare essentials into a trailer we towed with our car, and figured we'd live minimally and store everything else we'd put in the box for a maximum of about 6 months.

the best laid plans of mice and men, right?

the long and short of it is upon arrival in washington we found a new construction home that was supposed to be completed...a long, long time ago. but here we are heading into the end of the year, and our belongings have been locked up since february. we've been limping along with our bare essentials, and i've tried to resist furnishing our "temporary" rental knowing i have a house load of things still in storage. but i just couldn't stomach the idea of our first northern christmas being devoid of the usual holiday trimmings around the house. i looove christmas and i need a tree, and stockings, and candles, and cookie cutters, etc. etc. etc.

[side tangent - i'm all for a carefully cultivated home, but i've learned through this experience that i'm not cut out for true minimalism. i miss the items we've left in storage terribly - my books and movies, my kitchenaid mixer, handbags and shoes, kitchen dishes and tools, holiday decorations, etc. etc. i love everything i've collected over the years. it all sparks joy and extreme minimalism is for the birds.]

then in september, target came through with the announcement that chip and joanna gaines would be launching their hearth and hand with magnolia home decor line at target on november 5th. 

not only was this amaaaazing news from my "in-desperate-need-of-holiday-decor" standpoint, and because of my love for target, but a preview of the collection revealed that most of the pieces were holiday-centric yet were also generic enough be transitioned into january and beyond. i don't even watch fixer upper, but i was immediately obsessed with this line.

i started combing through the lookbook, and earmarked my favorite pieces below. i was so excited - then remembered the craziness that was the lilly pulitzer "pink sunday" launch a few years ago. i was hoping against hope i wouldn't encounter the same competition this time around - black friday-esque shopping and fighting a tide of people really isn't my thing. i even prioritized which of the following items i wanted in the event everything sold out at a rapid rate. 

last night i stayed up late alongside all the fixer-upper obsessives, refreshing the target website and awaiting the collection's launch online at a "not-exactly-specified-time", which was further complicated by the end of daylight savings time. i woke up at around 1:45am from a dream i was shopping the collection in store (think this was on my mind just a little?!) to refresh the page and bam -- the collection was live!! 

it has been both a blessing and a curse that i was able to get absolutely everything i wanted, and i decided to follow up my shopping spree with a trip to target itself when the store opened this morning. thankfully there was no mob scene - the 10 or so people who were lined up outside waiting for the store to open were so calm and polite, the target employees were so nice, and overall it's just been the sweetest experience. by going to the store i also had a chance to check out a lot of what i ordered online in person, and i was so impressed with how beautiful and well crafted each piece is. 

hearth and hand is christmas come early. and totally worth every penny. i can't wait for my order to start arriving!

the following pet items actually topped my must-have list. while in the store, i overheard an employee mention that she thought the family pajamas and pet items were online-only, even though they hadn't been labelled as such, and they are currently sold out online. this made me feel a little better about staying up to frantically refresh the website so that i was able to grab those items. so that wasn't a total loss.

in addition to the hearth and hand items, i've also purchased a few of the following that i think pair beautifully with the magnolia collection. while not great that our home construction is taking so long, i've had the best time ever starting from scratch with our christmas decor.

happy (early!) holiday 2017!