meeting poulsbo

over the last couple months we've set about making kitsap county feel like home. one of the areas we've fallen in love with is the downtown of poulsbo, a quaint village just off bainbridge island oft referred to as "little norway."

this small strip contains an array of cute coffee shops, boutiques and liberty bay books, sluy's and the fat apple bakeries, a few bars and restaurants, and the not-to-be-missed boehm's chocolates - all set against the waterfront of liberty bay. [as an aside, books and bakeries are pretty much all i need to be happy. so it's proved pretty awesome to have this area nearby!] we even made the jaunt into poulsbo for their annual viking fest!

after a large move everyone has a different idea of how long it takes to make a new place feel like "home." while the area still feels foreign, it's helped that we've begun to establish a routine, made a few friends, and discovered some new local haunts. familiarity has got to be about 9/10s of the law in feeling settled. cementing our new residential status are the staff at some of our favorite coffee shops that have begun to recognize us, and my ability to successfully navigate our local grocery stores. i'm also in the process of developing a fiendish habit of buying fresh flowers every week - the varieties available here in the pnw are so beautiful and different compared to what's in stores down south. 

everyone in kitsap has been so friendly, and the locals have started to notice we're not just passing through! now if only i could tone down my foreign giveaways, namely my inability to pronounce "poulsbo" correctly, and a penchant for calling the puget sound "pudge-it sound."