clean coffee cups

it's officially spring cleaning season! oddly i'm more partial to deep cleaning in the fall. i like to do my major cleaning/organizing/purging right before all the holiday festivities get underway (more hosting and company, our kitchen's busy season, and clearing out in preparation for new things!), but i attempt to dedicate a few days to polishing up our little domicile in the springtime as well. 

last weekend my real simple magazine arrived in the mail (yes, i still subscribe to magazines!) with a cover story on natural cleaning, which was my cue to get moving on the spring sweep. i love using natural cleaning methods when possible, especially during my biannual cleanings when i tend to take more time than my usual frantic-mid-week tidying, which mainly involves just a roll of paper towels and a bottle of method all purpose cleaner from target.

taking the time to deep clean our coffee cups is one of those chores that slips right off my to do list for 95% of the year. j and i love coffee and tea, which stains the crap out of not only your teeth but also your coffee cups, especially if yours are light colored like ours. fortunately there's a super easy (and natural!) fix. 

before- yucky.

| materials |

baking soda
hot water
lemons! (1/2 for each cup you will be cleaning, so 12 cups = 6 lemons)
paper towels or soft cloth

| method |

slice your lemons in half and set aside. 

scoop one generous teaspoon of baking soda into the bottom of each cup. 

run the water in your kitchen sink until it is coming out as hot as it will allow. while you wait for the water to heat up, squeeze one lemon half into each cup so that the juice mixes with the baking soda. you don't need to stir it, when the lemon juice hits the baking soda it will fizz up! it's also fine if the seeds/lemon pulp get into the cup as well, they won't hurt anything. 

once all of your lemons are squeezed and you have fizzies in each cup, fill the cups as full as possible with the hot water. (for cups that have excessive staining on the rims, you can soak the whole mug in a sink filled with the hot water.) 

leave the cups with the hot water/baking soda mixture to sit for 30-40 minutes. 

during - cup soaking with lemon/baking soda mixture.

when the time is up, pour the lemon mixture out of the cups (don't panic if your cups still look stained at this point!) and rub the inside of your cups with a sponge/paper towel/soft cloth that has been dampened with more hot water. 

all that crud on the inside will slide right off, and your cups will look as clean as the day you bought them.

and after- ta da!

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