some occasionally asked questions. les bi honest, "frequently asked" would be stretching it.

q: why blog?

a: experiencing a lot of changes in a short amount of time have made me want to stop and capture our progress. i look at it as a way to share details of my life (and recipes!) with the people who are interested, while also pushing myself to be better than i was previously. this blog also serves as a much needed creative outlet for myself.

q: how's texas?

a: that's a simple question with a complicated answer. since neither of us moved growing up, we love living somewhere different and the opportunity to soak up new experiences! not everything has been what we expected, some things are better and others are worse. some days are fantastic, and others are difficult. we're loving the journey, taking things one day and a time and very excited to see where this path leads us! 

q: what do you do with all of your desserts?

a: i try to offload most of my stuff onto the hubs, his coworkers and friends as much as possible. baked goods make everyone's day brighter!

i'm also a big believer in the idea that homemade treats are significantly better than pure processed junk food, even if it doesn't qualify as being healthy. if you're going to be bad, do it in the best possible way, you know?

q: do you have any hidden talents?

a: i'm an accomplished taker of car selfies, creator of song parodies and e-mail organizer. only one of those things really gets me anywhere.

q: what do you guys do for fun down on the south side?

a: our new digs are growing rapidly, so we love exploring and discovering the new (well, everything is new to us but you know what i mean) restaurants and shops that are popping up, going for walks, hitting the pool/beach, and watching movies- mostly via redbox and netflix, but occasionally we'll go to an actual show. when the hubs is at work i try to stay busy by combing pinterest for inspiration on cooking and diy projects, trying out new meals, reading, shopping, doing yoga and swimming in the summer!