french style breakfast

sometimes when i'm rushed (or have a hair appointment) i don't have time to bust out a full blown saturday morning breakfast. in those cases, a little extra effort in the presentation department is all i need to make a super quick and easy meal feel extra special. 

for breakfast, i picked up some fresh fruit, croissants and spreads at the store and laid them out in my favorite berry colanders, serving dishes and used our wedding china for a simple but pretty saturday morning setup on the patio. brewing coffee in a french press is a single step to make and serve, and the amount of coffee is perfect for the two of us. 

i also love starting my day this way - the french believe in decadent food (nutella and lemon curd anyone?!) but they are hyper-conscious of the portions they consume and really take their time to enjoy each little bit. it's the perfect start to a beautiful weekend.