(ob)easter feast(er) 2016

we're a little extra excited to celebrate easter this year, as we missed being able to celebrate together last year (wedding and business trip in florida.) i'm on a sweet kick, so we kept the actual meal simple, and i focused the majority of my efforts on dessert. 

one of my favorite menu items from today turned out to be a mimosa featuring elena peach moscato for some extra flavor.

| ingredients |

orange juice (i prefer the trop 50, it's thinner than traditional oj and mixes better with the bubbles)
elena peach moscato (what i love about this particular moscato is that it contains the fruitiness of a wine, with the bubbles of a champagne)

| method |
pour at a ration of 1/2 - 3/4 glass of oj to 1/2 - 1/4 glass of moscato. stir gently and sip!

for eats we kept it pretty easy breezy, a honey baked ham, garlic smashed potatoes (made in moments thanks to keeping the skins on) and a strawberry walnut poppyseed salad.

for sweet treats - we made carrot cake and cuppies, a lemon and raspberry tart, and some easter themed royally iced cookies.

spending the rest of today relaxing with our furbabes. happy sunday and cheers to a gorgeous spring :)