2017 in review

2017 was a big year, but also a difficult and strange one. this time last year i was sincerely hoping were poised for a big move, and were. we. ever! in some ways it’s been better than i would have dared to hope for 365 days ago, and in others it has been way harder than expected. i think that’s the nature of transitional periods of your life - growth, change and good things take some metamorphosis outside of your comfort zone to accomplish.

to that end, i’m so proud to be able to say that we haven’t shied away from the idea of change. we allowed 2017 to bring us new adventures, new friends, a new community, a contract on our first home, and a new job for j. we created a big break for ourselves and when the difficult moment came to sever ties with what was comfortable and familiar to move ahead - we did it.

as a result, a few days ago I found myself wandering down the main drag of little norway, into a gorgeous locally owned shop filled with the sweetest books, home decor and baking supplies you could imagine. i picked up a few items before heading to a solo lunch to read my newly acquired cookbook, which is just about a perfect afternoon for me. so for all the change that immersed 2017, the year has also brought a definite sense of peace and accomplishment. that's not to say it was devoid of challenges - we left some amazing friends and a state we both loved to start our lives over somewhere we didn't know anyone (again), j was in a car crash, we suffered the loss of our first dog, and have been enduring construction complications and the timeline of our first home, which has also affected our ability to plan vacations. we've been learning what it's like to live in a totally different climate, adjust to a new and different pace of life, and a chunk of we know has been turned on its ear. but despite the hills and valleys, i'm so pleased with our progress and feel that we're ending our year in a much better place than where we began it. 

as someone who is perpetually projecting, planning, hustling, climbing and reaching at goals it’s a little disconcerting to find myself at somewhat of a finish line. so much so that i keep turning over different aspects of my life almost to be certain everything is as i think it should be. i've always maintained a baseline of contentedness and happiness, but there have also been some big "adult life" goals on the horizon that i've been working towards since graduating from college. the success in all these arenas at once brings me to a totally new (and best!) type of challenge- to just relax and enjoy it. and maybe derive some even bigger dreams.

so on the heels of a tumultuous 2017, i’m not resolving to change- i just want to continue on my path. i wholeheartedly agree with this quote i came across from reese witherspoon, " i don't believe in new year's resolutions. i think you sort of have to keep striving to be the best version of yourself at all moments." i feel 2017 has been the culmination of us striving to be our best selves, and in 2018 i plan to do more of the same. i can't pretend that self-examination only occurs once a year. or that i'll know everything i need to work on/want to accomplish on december 31st of the year prior. i think it’s important in the next 365 days to acknowledge the beautiful and happy life we’ve created for ourselves. to enjoy where the hard work has led us. to savor the balances we’ve struck between each other, our careers, our passions, and our family. from a place of gratefulness and contentedness i'll continue to strive toward being the best possible version of myself.

so cheers to a wonderful new year, and here's a look back at our favorites from 2017:


we received news a move to the west coast was in the cards, and made some big decisions! over coffee of course.


a rough farewell to our friends in texas, and my last ladies' brunch.

arrival in washington, and getting acquainted with our new hometown.


making maracrons and celebrating easter.


taking advantage of the clearing weather to explore nearby parks, hiking, a trip to seattle and fun with chocolate.


spring's last hurrah and our first visit to bloedel reserve.

4th of july, a visit from the family, and celebrating my 30th birthday!


the sudden loss of our sweet morgan. date night at bruciato.


welcoming home little miss octavia.


our first pnw fall, and socializing tavi.


a friendsgiving and beach days with the puppin.

christmas tree farms, and a white christmas.