goodbye texas

we're saying good bye to texas. 

while we're so excited for our next adventure, i can't even begin to pretend that texas [and more specifically the people in it] are easy to leave behind. whether they turned out to be short-time friends, acquaintances, or friends-turned-family - these people have made the last three years pretty unstoppable. i know everyone says they'll visit when they move, but in our case i really hope we do. we've been fortunate enough to forge some friendships that can withstand a little distance, and as if to give us even more incentive, and prove just how special they are, they surprised us with a cowboy themed party in addition to our regularly scheduled goodbye fiesta. we thought we were meeting up with a few people for pizza - and they completely shocked us!

this isn't the prettiest post photographically, but leaving behind your friends isn't particularly pretty either. i had originally intended to share a recap of all the lovely things we did in the state, which are already detailed for the most part in previous posts, but truth be told these are all moments we remember fondly, and since you can't get these moments in time back, they deserve to be documented.

and while we're saying adios for now, texas is the kind of place i don't think you ever fully leave. hope to see you all soon!