the bloedel reserve

i've recently discovered one of my favorite places to explore on bainbridge island - the beautiful property of the bloedel reserve. 

the relaxing walk is approximately a 2 mile loop on a barked trail through fields, past the old sheep stables, through a gorgeous forest, past several ponds, onto the former residence featuring wonderful views of the sound, and finally through the japanese gardens. the grounds are impeccably kept, and the range of scenery presented along the walking trail keeps the views interesting, as you don't quite know what you're going to stumble upon next. diverging from the main trail are several off-shoots, all of which loop back around to the main trail. 

bloedel isn't quite a park, more akin to a museum as their website describes. the property does not allow food, or running for exercise, so it is mainly populated with groups of quiet, casual walkers. luckily, they do allow amateur photography:

blodel reserve // bainbridge island // summer 2017