a not so haunted halloween

i've found that halloween post-college, but pre-kids to be a bit of "no man's land."  this year, as with the last few, a lot of our friends are working/lazy/waiting for someone else to plan something/just not interested so there are no parties to be had. and no kids means no trick or treating (unless you're a true creeper.)  i've fallen into a pattern buying the candy myself "for the trick or treaters", swearing i won't eat any of it and then snarfing on it throughout the month of october. all the benefits of trick or treating minus the walking (and calorie burning) and poison concerns.

the hubs is working the graveyard shift, so i figured a low key pumpkin carving party for two and then dinner at a historical building-turned-speakeasy would be the perfect not-so-spooky date. 

when it comes to scary stuff, we keep it pg. hope you all have a very happy halloween!

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