doughnut pumpkins

not to be confused with pumpkin doughnuts.

every year in addition to our traditional pumpkin carving j and i paint smaller pumpkins. last year i made "punkmins" (punk pumpkins), and j did a line up of super hero mini pumpkins. this year these little doughnut pumpkins caught my eye. 

| materials |

arcylic paints in "doughnut", frosting colors and an assortment for sprinkles
mini pumpkins
paint brushes
cup of water
newspaper/craft paper
paper towels

| method |

line your craft space with newspaper/craft paper and place pumpkins upside down on the paper. set aside your cup of water and paper towels.

paint your pumpkins upside down (so that you cover the bottom 2/3 with the doughnut colored paint. let dry completely.

once dry, flip the pumpkins over and proceed to paint the "frosting" on the pumpkins free hand, being sure to cover where the doughnut paint ends so the pumpkin is entirely covered in paint. leave a small circle at the top. let dry completely. 

once dry, paint the circle and stem on the top with your doughnut color, giving the illusion of a "hole" and paint on the sprinkles.

made to border