spotlight on: salt new american table

before we moved, j and i didn't know anything about south texas. i made sure our new home had precisely two things before agreeing to relocate: a target and starbucks within reasonable driving distance.  but beyond that? we headed west blindly and optimistically.

leading up to our departure we joked (and my family teased) that hopefully there would be more than a taco stand on our new food frontier. when we finally rolled in, i spent the first few weeks driving around pointing out everything i recognized from back home to j. 

"look! a chilis!!!"
"yeah, lauren i hear those are a chain."

"and some place called moonbeans."

"omigawd its a frozen yogurt place! AND there's a dairy queen."
"i'm surprised those weren't on your list of requirements." 

not long after we settled in, i started to worry again...this time that the best we were going to do for a "night out" was chilis. yes: how quickly i become spoiled with what i have. restaurants i was initially exclaiming over, i was turning my nose up at a few months later.

i'm thrilled to say that we have started to discover some gems, and salt- new american table definitely makes my shortlist. when we walked in, i saw the minimalist bar, lots of scrubbed wood (my favorite), custom cocktails and a carefully crafted menu with lots of interesting choices. 

i think i exhaled for the first time in a few months.

i can't get past the fried chicken, which is served with a side of jalapeno mashed potatoes. if ever there was a dish that combined our new home and our hometown, that's it. southern comfort food with a tex mex twist. it's perfection.

and salt is our new go-to for special, but not stuffy dates.

For reservations, call 956.627.6304.


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