christmas 2015

our christmas was calm, merry and bright. filled with new recipes, old traditions, cocoa and candy canes, palm trees (our relatives in colorado enjoyed a white christmas!) and the best family away from family we could have ever hoped for. we're so grateful for the blessings 2015 has brought: our friends, health, happiness and lots and lots of sweet treats.

we hope you and yours had an amazing day filled with that special kind of magic only christmas can bring. 

photo credit: sean ellington - westminster, colorado.

^ some of the fam were here. some were in florida, and meanwhile, in south texas...

the typical tower of treats: this year's version was filled with christmas cookies, rum balls, bailey's pistachio white chocolate fudge, regular fudge, peppermint bark and eggnog cupcakes.

merry christmas to all!