2015 in review

2015 saw a shift in how i prioritize what's important. i think one of the biggest realizations i've had this year is that despite all the well-intentioned goal setting, sometimes the most vital capability is to be open to changes in the plans you set for yourself. in short: life will move those goalposts on you, and flexibility is the key to remaining positive and happy.

this year i've also come to appreciate a new side of setting resolutions; over the years the list of things i resolve to be around the new year has become shorter and more trivial. while i'd love to claim it's the result of gangbusters personal growth, i have a sneaking suspicion it has a lot more to do with learning to appreciate and value the things i've become, rather than focus sharply on the qualities i'm lacking. 

that being said, here's what i'm looking at in the way of improvements for 2016:

1. spend more time with macarons, goldfish crackers and vegetables. [not all at the same time.]

2. spend less time at target and homegoods. because i'm officially out of room to store things.

3. listen to the fitbit, and it's list of demands for a healthier life. [i.e., more water.]

4. quit crawling into bed to "just watch netflix for a little bit", then promptly falling asleep with my face unwashed.

5. go somewhere on vacation that isn't home. and las vegas doesn't count. 

6. stop leaving dishes in the sink. cleaning them isn't any easier in the morning.

7. be less lazy when it comes to taking photos and writing.

8. life is short, splurge more often on the good stuff we ingest and touch on a daily basis.

9. be a little to a lot less goal-oriented. stop looking forward long enough to appreciate what i've achieved so far, and what we have presently.

and finally...one last look back. it's bittersweet to be kissing a great year goodbye, but i'm also so excited to see what 2016 may bring. here are a few of my favorite shots to recap the year:


a new year's day omelette with a side of bed head, and a trip to rudy's with mom on her visit to the valley.


a valentine's date and vacation to vegas.

a weekend on the riverwalk in san antonio.

easter and a waterside wedding in florida, and a gorgeous rgv sunset.

cinco de mayo tacos, and a puppa on a beach full of scalding sand.

the boy turned 30, and we enjoyed lots of pizza in celebration.

a family vacation to colorado and the peach habanero moscow mule from the blue stag saloon that started our obsession.

freebie weebie ice cream cones, a beach day and a lemon pie to celebrate mom's birthday from afar.

a simple spaghetti supper and cups of cozy homemade cocoa to celebrate the beginnings of fall.

spooky cupcakes, pumpkins and checking out austin's food truck scene.

a new restaurant date night and thanksgiving yumminess.

sweets, treats, some warm winter eats and a new ornament or five.