proscuitto and egg tartine

tartine is my answer to feeding pretty much anyone, at any time of day.

these open-faced sandwiches can encompass everything from avocado toast to brunch items, and can be savory or sweet. we use french bread, country bread, sourdough, baguettes, brioche - you name it! the bread of choice gets toasted with a little butter and topped with our favorites: i'll do cream cheese with fresh berries for myself, or peanut butter and banana slices, or jam and a brie slice, whereas j tends to lean more savory, his favorite variations are homemade pesto topped with a slice of fresh mozzarella and grape tomatoes - and of course the proscuitto and egg variety shown below.

| ingredients |

fresh italian herb baguette
proscuitto, thinly sliced
chives, finely chopped
salt + pepper, to taste

| method|

slice italian baguette diagonally, and heat butter over medium-low heat in a large pan. when butter is melted, add the baguette slices, and toast until golden brown, then flipping. when bread is toasted, remove to a plate. 

meanwhile, cook eggs sunny side up. prepare the tartine by topping the toasted baguette slices with 2 slices of proscuitto, the sunny side up egg, and sprinkled with chives. season with salt and pepper as desired.